One day in my role as a hospital chaplain, I walked into a patient’s room and found a woman sitting by her mother’s bedside, while one of Gail’s hymn collections played softly in the background. She had found these old familiar hymns brought a quiet peace to her mother during the last days of her life.

That’s what I too have found, whenever I share these beautifully-sung hymns on my MP3 player with a distressed or frightened patient. I can see them visibly relax, or watch their spirit seem to come alive as they start to sing along.

In one of the nursing homes where I visited regularly, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they always sang along – with gusto! - to Gail’s recordings of hymns during their quarterly memorial services. Similarly, I’ve used Gail’s arrangements to accompany our singing in the hospital chapel services, and they’ve been appreciated for their lovely quality.

Alone or with others, Gail’s hymns have strengthened people’s spirits when they’ve most needed God’s touch.

Rilla Sommerville




My caregiving journey is an ongoing marathon. The spiritual emphasis of Gail's  coaching program helped my mind be so much more peaceful and reduced my anxiety. It’s a great feeling to know someone is running the caregiving marathon with you and you are not alone. Gail has lightened my load and shortened the learning curve because she knows the trail having run it herself. I totally appreciate the flexibility of her program because she works around my busy schedule.  

I had to create a stay-at-home job to care for my loved one and Gail’s gift of encouragement helped me stay the course until my Etsy Shop From The Meadow Designs  was born. Now I help other caregivers save time by shopping online for custom gifts for their family, friends and loved ones. 

Shelley Enns




As a senior I have received great comfort listening to Gail’s old hymns of the faith. I listen to them every evening and my faith is encouraged. Sometimes I fall asleep listening to them, they reassure me of His love, protection and leading.

Inez Calvert


My cousin recently passed away and I sat with her many hours during her last days. It was very meaningful to have Gail's hymns. I played them many times over and it lent itself to "singing along" as they had been taken down 2 and a half tones. Those old hymns brought such comfort to us both during those final days.

Betty L.