In the movie “Overcomer”, an unlikely high school cross country runner begins to improve when her dad – who’s dying in hospital – coaches her through her races… She listens to him through her ear bud on a pre-recorded “play by play” of the course as she runs. And she even starts to win.

It’s a perfect image for what you need: a “coach”, a supporter to run alongside you, to give you the input and encouragement you need to run the endless marathon that is caregiving for a family member or friend.

(Overcomer. Directed by Alex Kendrick, Affirm Films, 2019.)

The main concern I hear from Caregivers is that they feel like their life is on hold.

The life they once knew, and the social life they once had is replaced by the crushing burden of caring for their loved one.

It feels like their life is suspended until the caregiving marathon is over.

It doesn't have to be that way. My coaching/mentoring program is designed so the caregiver can keep moving forward in a transformative way through the caregiving journey.

There is a silver lining to the noble task God has called you to.  Designed with your busy schedule in mind, offering maximum flexibility, this program will guide you through the caregiving marathon while preparing and equipping you to step into your future destiny when you reach the finish line.        

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