Start a Hymn Sing

Anyone can pull together a hymn sing for family and friends using the hymn resources I have created.

I have recorded these hymns in a lower key to make them easier to sing. Both the Mp3 and Mp4 formats can be downloaded to your laptop, tablet or cell phone and taken to anyone who needs spiritual encouragement.

I am singing on these formats, so you don’t even have to be a singer to use them.

Young people bless their grandparents singing these old hymns of the faith. People use them to start their Bible Study with a few hymns of praise.

The truth is older people miss these hymns. These are the hymns they sang in church when they were growing up. Many seniors will remember all the words to these hymns.

Whether the reason they don’t sing them anymore is they are not sung in their churches, or they can’t get to church, or they are alone with no one to come and play them for them, it doesn’t matter.

Singing the old hymns of the faith strengthens their spirits (and yours), encourages their souls and gives them hope for the future.

My hymns have been used all across the country in nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals. But with all the increasing expenses and cutbacks in staff, it is only volunteers who have the time to make this available to those who need it so.

If you want to use this resource for a group Hymn Sing in a nursing home or Hospice, please be sure to get permission from the Activities Director or the person in charge. They have strict requirements you must follow to keep the residents safe.

Hospitals have Volunteer Coordinators who love to have visitors come in and sing to the patients.

If you have a heart of compassion for those in spiritual need, these hymns are a great resource to help you bless those you love.